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What's a Steam shower?

Steam showers are plain regular showers that have unique features. First off, the shower area is sealed off so that no humidity can escape from it once the door to the stall is closed. It then has the ability to generate and contain steam in the cabin.  This steam can be created whenever you choose be it before you take the shower, for the duration of the shower or when you are done taking the shower. The introduction of steam helps cleanse the body and makes the individual more relaxed.

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How does it function?

The first thing that occurs is cold water goes through a pipe and towards a steam generator.  In this steam generator, the cold water is then warmed to water's boiling point. Once beyond the boiling point, the water becomes steam and sifts thru the pipes and into the cabin. The enclosure is fitted with computerized controls within it enabling the person using the shower to control how warm the steam is or how long they'd like to have the steam coming into the enclosure. The cabin can also come with added components like aromas coming in with the steam, background lighting and even the user's preferred relaxing music.

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What Are A Few Elements To Look For?

One thing you should contemplate is the distribution rate of the steam generator.    You want to get a model that doesn't take too long to develop the steam in the steam shower enclosure. High-end steam showers usually take no more than 60 seconds to build up good amounts of steam.

You also want to try and get a unit that comes with remote controls. This could save you all the hassle of having to rise from your comfy position just to go and alter the steam settings like duration and heat.

Check that you purchase a system that comes with auto-flush. With this in place, any calcium build up that may have amassed will be conveniently removed.    Those that do not have this option have to flush out all these build up after a certain number of uses.

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How Much Will the Steam Shower Set me Back?

After acquiring the steam generator and shower and having it setup, you’ll likely be down around $2500. This is just the bare minimum.If you're willing to cough up an extra $1800, your cabin could be installed stuff like mood lighting, sound systems and aromatherapy systems.   Personalizing the kind of tile steam proofing that you want in the cabin will hinge on your preferences. The fact is, if you’re after an exciting spa experience, you’d potentially need to shell out around $5000.

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